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What happens if I miss the Rapture?
Rapture – Will you be Left Behind?
Will you be ready?
Spiritually Protect Your Home
Eternity is forever
A New Year
Christmas Spirit
Election Fraud in America
How does our voting system work?
Learn the Truth about Thanksgiving
Period of Wrath – Part 2
Period of Wrath – Part 1
Halloween – What do pagans, witches and satanists think of this night?
Halloween – What should parents and churches do?
Vaccines – What do you know?
Why Salvation?
The Rapture – When is it coming?
The Great Tribulation
What is the Tribulation?
Marks of the Beast
Learn about prophets and seers.
What’s the purpose of life?
Are you obeying God?
Are we in the Beginning of Sorrows?
What law do we obey God’s of Man’s?
We are One Race – One Blood – The Human Race!
America – One Nation Under God!
In the Beginning Genesis – Theory and Law
In the Beginning Genesis 1:1 – The Laws of Logic
Already Saved? What Does The Bible Say We Should Do Next?
Eternity, Are you Ready?
The Truth Today – Faith – What is Faith?
The Truth Today – Is the Mark of the Beast Coming Soon?
God’s Disciples – The Digital ID
God’s Disciples – Killing the God Gene!
The Truth Today Forgiveness and Resurrection – What does this mean for you?
Salvation – Episode 10
Spiritual Home Security – 1 of 2 – Episode 9
Intruder Physical Home Security – 1 of 2 – Episode 8
What’s up with Noah’s Ark? The Animals 2 of 2 – Episode 7
What’s up with Noah’s Ark? The Boat 1 of 2 – Episode 6
Is The Bible True? Part 4 of 4 – Episode 5
Is The Bible True? Part 3 of 4 – Episode 4
All About The Novel Coronavirus Episode 3
Is The Bible True? Episode 2 of 4
Is The Bible True? Episode 1 of 4